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There are amazing little known facts and history about our wonderful furry little friends.  Historically pets have been a huge part of peoples hearts and lives.  See amazing and little known animal facts below



Mummy Dog

Egyptian Museum,  CG29836

Lovingly preserved, a hunting dog whose bandages fell off long ago likely belonged to a pharaoh. As a royal pet, it "would have been fed nibbly bits and spoiled rotten," says Salima Ikram. When it died, it was interred in a specially prepared tomb in the Valley of the Kings. 


This Genetic Mutation is called Double Muscling  The National Center for Biotechnology Information



                                                Belgian Blue Cow


Dogs Sniff Out Cancer

Check out these links for Studies on Dogs Detecting Cancer





The Real Cat Burglar

In San Mateo California, Dusty the cat, AKA) "Klepto the Cat" kept a neighborhood under siege for 3 years.  Neighbors were robbed by this little stinker until one day ....the owners did some investigating.  They knew Dusty could not afford all the stuff on his meager allowance.  Everyone got their stuff back and no charges were filed against Dusty.




A Tibetan mastiff became the world's most expensive dog. Someone in China paid more than $1.5 million for him, the New York Post reporter



Puppy euthanized and survives!  Animal Control Officer Scott Prall was the one who heard Wall-e whimpering in the dumpster.



Tia’s pups 

Tia, a 2 year old Neopolitan Mastiff gave birth to the world’s largest litter in 2005. She delivered 24 puppies by Cesarean section. Twenty of them survived, setting another record of the most surviving puppies.



Owen & Mzee

It sounds like a fable or a fairy tale. The main characters are an orphaned baby hippopotamus and a 130-year-old giant tortoise. The hippo was rescued from a natural disaster of biblical proportions, and the tortoise was meant to be dinner a century ago. But the story of Owen the hippo and Mzee the tortoise is absolutely true.



Dancing Dog

Dancing Dogs

Why are dogs such poor dancers?

They have two left feet.




yep,  they are !


Zebra Hybrids

Zony                                                                       Zetland


I'm just cute, very very cute !


Dog Fact:

Dogs have about 100 different facial expressions, most of them made with the ears.

Unfortunately, the likes of bulldogs and pitbulls only have 10, due to their breeding.

Therefore, dogs easily get misinterpreted by other dogs and often get into fights. 







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