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This is one cause most worthy of your time and attention.  When you support Vets Adopt Pets you are making a contribution to support the healing of your family, friends, neighbors, your community.  Vets Adopt Pets is completely about healing with the life enhancing love only an animal can give, serving all Veterans and Military Families from all wars.

 Invitation to American Businesses

We would like to invite your consideration to join us as a Community Supporter and help Veterans, our Wounded Warriors and their Families heal with a companion or service animal. 

Not only does becoming Community Supporter align you with the major causes of Helping Veterans Heal and Saving the lives of Shelter Pets, but in addition, the Suicide and PTSD information we provide are actively used in high numbers. Your community support will in actuality provide comfort to one of our Veterans, our Wounded Warriors, their Families and quite probably save a human life too.

Our viewership consists of Veterans, Military Families, Pet People and those that Support our Troops, in a nut shell, all of America, we have 1 national site with 4 geographic targeted spinoffs, each providing a valuable support and resources such as Adoption Fee Waivers, Companion Animals, service dog programs sanctioned by the Army Wounded Warriors Community Network. (AW2) and the Wounded Warrior Project. 

With the increased need for healing war wounds, we invite you to consider your stance as a Community Supporter of Vets Adopt Pets and helping our Veterans, our Wounded Warriors and their Families HEAL, instilling trust, compassion and at the end of the day, knowing that you made a difference in someone's life.  People will want to thank you with customer support and loyalty for years to come. Vets Adopt Pets aggressively reaches out to Veterans and Military Families, your Community Support will be applied to our out-reach endeavors.

To become a Community Supporter of Vets Adopt Pets 

Call Barbara at  415-563-3641

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